Please note that JTERP (and its DBA TRANSIM) is no longer in business.

You may be interested in contacting HistoryTec which offers some of the same services to non-profit clientele.

HIstoryTec (see  HistoryTec is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.  It provides technical support services for non-
profit independent researchers and small research organizations. Services include computational photography, image
analysis & statistical analysis. Currently the organization is working on projects in three related areas of historical

  • Christian Origins: What can we learn about the Judeo-Christian origins from the study of Jewish burial practices
    and sites.

  • The impact of secret/esoteric groups/families (e.g. Knights Templars, Free Masons, Rosicrucians) on early
    American history and institutions

  • Pre-Columbian European Interaction with the Americas: What can we learn about the possible interaction
    between Europeans and the Americas prior to the arrival of Columbus, through the study of archaeological
    materials and written materials.

You may contact HistoryTec through Jerry Lutgen: